Weed Watchers

Variable Milfoil

An important part of Flints Pond stewardship is the ongoing monitoring and control of Variable Milfoil, an exotic aquatic nuisance weed. FPIA weed management is conducted in association with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services 'Weed Watchers' program - a volunteer program dedicated to monitoring New Hampshire lakes and ponds for the presence of aquatic invasive plants.

During the summer, volunteers patrol Flints Pond, looking for Variable Milfoil growth. If plants are found, they are marked with floats for later removal by a certified weed control diver.


Interested in local aquatics? Please contact us. We can get you a Weed Watcher kit with detailed information on spotting invasives.

Come join us for hands-on learning and join us when the State biologist visits, to answer all your questions.